Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What happened?!

Wow! This weekend was crazy busy! Here's the skinny (but still a long story) on what happened since last week:


My boys had a field trip with their class at the pumpkin patch (which I started to write about & never finished the posting - go figure). We all met @ 9:45 am, toured the pumpkin patch (which blew my mind since I'm from the city... we didn't have cool stuff like that). When the field trip was over, the lady giving us the tour said we could get wristbands to return anytime during that day. So the boys & I went to subway (fast food is slim pickin's when you're trying to eat healthy!), then returned to the pumpkin patch. We stayed until - get this - 4:30 pm! I figured since I had busted my backside cleaning Tuesday after school we deserved to have a day of fun! The boys had a blast, and so did I. It was nice not to have a ton of kids around & I even got to play in the corn box! You heard me!! Corn box. It's like a sand box, only with corn :) Check it out:

Yeah! It was knee deep & a TON O' FUN!! We spent the most time in that thing. See? Being a stay at home mom has it's perks! You just need to actually enjoy the opportunity when it comes around. I'm sure most people left saying, "That was fun, but I have things to do." What can't wait until tomorrow?! Spend some time with your children (or heck, even your husband), and actually laugh. You never know when they'll be gone.


I had my bible study while the boys were in school. We came home, ate lunch, & they napped while I cleaned out my front room. My front room is a craft-sewing-place-to-hold-my-stuff-that-I'm-selling-on-craigslist-kinda-room. Also, if my mother comes to visit.... that's where she stays. My mother will be visiting in (YIKES!) 2 1/2 weeks!! That reminds me.... I need to finish that room! Eek!


I went to physical therapy because I threw out my neck last week during my workout boxing on the Wii. Leave it to me to do something so dorky! Not the fact that I've been in 3 car accidents before the age of 23 had anything to do with it ;) This was my 1st visit so, it was an evaluation, with a hot pack finish. The heat helped, but later on in the day I felt sore & seriously uncomfortable. I hit up the goodwill to add some finishing touches on my Halloween costume. Found a cute corset for $7. YAY!!


The school that my boys go to had a harvest party from 3-5, so we hit that up. It really didn't occur to me that I should have had my boys in their Halloween costumes... yah, it was kinda awkward, but the boys didn't mind. They were too busy running around & playing in the jump house to notice. Whew!

When we got home, my honey took both boys to the race track to finish out the BMX season, and then he dropped the kids off at his mother's for them to stay the night while we went to a Halloween party. Don't you know he got a bucket full of brownie points for that!! Mmm-hmmm!

I then worked on my Halloween costume (with no kids to take my pins, my scissors, or press my sewing machine pedal when I wasn't looking). You know what the weird thing about that is? I did glimpse at costumes at the store, and I couldn't believe my eyes! First of all, they were seriously expensive! I'm not going to pay that much money for a costume that I was going to wear for one night!! Second... they were all ludicrously short, and cut so deep on the front that I would be afraid of having a "wardrobe malfunction". I'm a married woman for goodness sakes!! I don't need to be showing off ALL of my goods to anyone 'cept my husband! Are women not that reserved anymore?! Have we as women bought into that lie of "you're only worth what you can show"? What happened to women dressing cute without revealing their stuff to the world? Have we no mystery women?! Sorry for that outburst, but I'm just saying!

Back to the story: I already had the gypsy style skirt, and the corset.. all I needed was a puffy shirt. So.. I used my hubby's old white button up shirt for revamping. I cut across the shoulders, sewed a 1 inch casing around the top, cut 2 holes on each shoulder of the casing, threaded ribbon through, put it on to adjust where the shirt would land, & tied the ribbons together! Here's the pirate girl costume tutorial. It does have a video attached as well that you can click if you need to see it in action. Here's a picture of my costume minus the ridiculous amount of jewelry I wore:

It really does look cute when it's on :) I was going for a pirate/gypsy look. Anyhow, we arrived at the party "fashionably late" (1 hour to be exact), and there was only about 10 people there. I nudged my husband and mentioned I feel bad because there's a ton of food, an awesome amount of decorations, but only 3 sets of friends (hubby & wives) plus 4 relatives! Even though there weren't many people there, the party was still fun. The ladies played spoons & the guys played poker. We ended up staying there until 4 am! I think that's the latest I've intentionally stayed up since I've had children ;)


I think I was more awake vs. actually sleeping from the time I laid down @ 4 AM to when my alarm went off at 7:30 AM. My man got up & rushed out the door to his bible study, then to pick up the kids. I, of course, couldn't fall back asleep. The head coach of the football team that my man coaches on gave us tickets to the Sunday Seahawks game. So when the boys came home, we packed up stuff for the game, and then headed out. We had a blast there, then we stopped by the boy's great-grandmother's place to say hello. I think she's 90? Bless her heart, she had bought the boys their first bible, and the boys were ecstatic! I just love her!


I originally wanted to vacuum the house, but I ended up rearranging & dusting my living room along with vacuuming lol! Anyone else do that? Have ADD when you're cleaning? At least it feels better. Sometimes changing up your house makes it feel new all over again.... despite all the holes you may have in the walls thanks to your children :)

My husband also had a football game that we went to later that night (the boys went dressed up in their costumes - too cute!). They unfortunately lost. That was hard to see because this was their last game of the season, they were ahead, and the other team scored during the last minute of the game. My heart went out to them. It was tough to see the disappointment on my husband and the players' faces. 

Needless to say we went trick or treating afterwards (Leonidas was Iron Man & Don Juan was Venom/black Spiderman.... Special shout out to Tracie for letting us borrow those costumes!!!), but my poor husband was mentally beating himself up about the game. Our boys were crazy happy about the concept that they can knock on someone's door, get candy from them by just saying a few words, & using their manners afterwards. Isn't that funny that we are taught (and we teach our kids) not to take candy from strangers..... except on Halloween? Interesting.....

Tuesday & Today:

School, clean house, laundry, clean house, laundry, clean house.... oh did I mention clean house? Yah, I have a lot of work to do since my mom's going to see my house - heh heh! If I happen to fall off the face of the earth from Nov 19th-29th, you'll know why! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have an easy recipe for hand scrub:

Dish soap & sugar. Yah, it's that simple. 

What's more fun, is if you make a canning jar into a hand pump. Then you have another easy peasy gift! To make a canning jar into a hand pump, take an old soap dispenser apart & keep the pump. Make sure you have a jar that fits the pump (you can always trim the bottom to fit if it's too long for the jar). Cut out fabric to fit the lid (not the ring that goes around), and spray glue it onto the lid. Poke a hole using a nail (or whatever you want) then use needle nosed pliers to pull back an opening big enough for your hand pump to fit in. Hot glue the hand pump in, throw in your hand scrub, tie some twine to the bottle with a tag, & BAM! You're done:

I also had time to spray paint the ring (white), but it's not required. If you get the lids from Walmart, they're already silver colored, which pretty much goes with everything. If you decide to put the sugar scrub in the canning jar soap dispenser, be sure that you test out the consistency of the soap through the pump before you decide to hot glue it in. You don't want that getting stuck on the person you're giving it to!

I would have used green colored soap to make it coordinate better, but all I had was blue dish soap. So sue me. The person I gifted it to didn't mind :)

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Easy gifts

I found some small clip boards at Target last year, and I've been meaning to make some kind of carrier that would hold the clip board & some crayons so my boys could color anywhere we went.... but apparently I haven't gotten around to making one of those things. Then, I found out that my boys don't like to color. So that whole idea went out the window! Low and behold... I found a purpose for these little things. I sloppily painted chalk board paint onto the already decorated board, and just like that I could put quotes, grocery lists, and what not onto my cute little clipboard. Yes, the paint looks sloppy because life isn't always neat.... and I might have been in a hurry. Also, my handwriting in chalk isn't the best (I'm still practicing).

Here's the finished product:

This is on my refrigerator to remind myself that these are the fruits I need.

I got carried away & did a few more. Here's one of them on a regular sized clipboard:

Oh yeah, and the bobby pins clipped to the top? Easy Peasy! Find some old antique buttons, use a needle and thread to tack them down on the loop of the bobby pin, then place in your hair! These clipboards (even the bobby pins) are a quick & easy gift if you're ever in a bind :) Can you say SWEEEEEEET!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ain't too proud to beg

For God's forgiveness....

Leonidas does BMX racing (yes, at 5 years old.. don't get me started). So this is the last month they are having races. Wednesday the sun hit the sky nice and bright, so I thought... perfect! After school the boys and I went down to the race track to practice. Don Juan can get around the track on his walmart bike while Leonidas races around the track on his arm & leg bike. I say arm & leg because that's what it seemed to cost us. My hubby thankfully decided to sacrafice his summer football camp earnings to cover the cost, but I consider myself fairly frugal... spending that much on a 5 year old was a tough decision. What convinced me was his constant prayers since he could ride his bike w/o wheels @ 3 yrs old.... "Jesus Lord, please let me ride my bike... Amen!" He's been praying that same prayer for 2 years straight, & he doesn't EVER miss saying it.

So anyway! We raced that night & Leonidas took 1st place! I was so proud of him. He didn't stop for anything. He raced hard & totally earned it. He went to get in line where they offer a trophy, a medal, or $2 back from what you paid to enter in the race. I reminded him to get a trophy (you know... because it's bigger and all..), but when he stepped off of the platform I saw him holding a medal. It did have 1st place on it, but for a split second I was disappointed. I thought, why not take the bigger item? HA! Like I even earned the trophy, let alone the right to tell my son what he should pick.  Then ugliest thing came to my mind.... Angel... that was PRIDE! *Shiver* Yech! Do you see how easily that snuck in? I wanted the trophy for him. I thought it was better than the medal, but you know what? If getting the medal makes him happy, then I am good! This wasn't my choice to make! Thank goodness the thought was only for a second, but I am still acknowledging it as a moment of weakness.

This society has caused us to look for the bigger and better each time. Whatever happened to simple things? Cell phones for example: If it doesn't include internet, it's considered out dated! When I was younger, cell phones used to look like bricks!! Even before cell phones we had pagers (I totally aged myself with that... didn't I?). I mean, seriously... I remember when I was 11 years old. I walked home alone, I had to wait until I got home to call anyone, we didn't have call waiting, didn't have caller id... heck, we didn't even have an answering machine there for a while! During dinner, if the phone rang... you let the answering machine get it. For goodness sakes, my mother traveled with my brother and I (he was 10 & I was 7 years old) ACROSS the country MANY times WITHOUT a cell phone.... we are still alive today. Now, people go back home if they forget their cell phone, they answer it (or text) when they're driving, check their emails obsessively, and if someone doesn't answer their cell phone we wonder why they couldn't answer our call.... it's all just a mess!! Instant gratification does not teach us patience!! Can I get an AMEN?!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What does your clutch say?

So I made this a few months back for my niece. Again.. I didn't take action shots of the process, but it was really easy. I'm not much in a tutorial mood yet, but with enough requests... I may be nice enough to post a tutorial. Besides I need to finish one for myself :) 

All I used was a page protector, white piece of paper, Sunday comics, material for the lining, a serger (but you can use a regular sewing machine), and a snap. Pretty cool eh?

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It's raining... It's pouring....

Tuesday morning felt like the picture above. All I could do is sit and shield my head as things (one after another) happened. I got up to do my usual work out in the morning (6:20 am to be exact), and 3/4 into the work out I tweaked my neck muscles doing a boxing exercise. In order to look left or right, I had to turn my shoulders whatever direction my head wanted to go. So the smart person that I claim to be said, "Wouldn't it be great to stretch out my back & my neck? Maybe it would alleviate the pressure!" I was so wrong....

I proceeded to drag out my back inverter (the thing you use to hang upside down to relieve back pain. It totally works & I love it. Just don't hang upside down for more than 20 seconds your first time. Your body isn't ready for that...). I had to put it back together because it breaks down for easy storage, so Leonidas volunteered to "help" me. Yah, he's the "helper" even when he's actually making things harder. This time, I have to give him credit for actually helping... imagine that! So I was lifting up the table part to connect it to the A frame, when all of a sudden a seriously massive metal object decides to jump out of it's place and land right on the top of my tiny (and when I say tiny, I mean I-shop-in-the-girls-shoe-section-size-2) foot!  What are the odds of that happening?! To top that off... on Saturday my son went to snuggle with me and his head bashed me in the nose (which had already been hit 2 Saturdays ago @ a birthday party.. another story in itself).

After I managed to vent out how ludicrous that morning had been, and when I had gained back what little composure I had, Leonidas asked me if I needed the item that fell. I realized that I was still holding up the table and could not let go because 1 side was still connected. I desperately needed the metal piece that fell so I could console my throbbing foot. Leonidas to the rescue!! I had no time to ice my foot afterwards because I was in a mad dash to cut up cheese for my son's snack day, take a shower, get dressed, out the door, and off to school.

I started to feel a little pity party coming, so I just praised God that I was still alive, and that my son wasn't in the way of that metal object. By the time I dropped the boys off at school I was smiling about my morning saying, "This is the day that the Lord has made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!" At any time you can choose to lift up God, or reject his love/comfort. I will not be brought down by the adversary, and I REFUSE to give into his lies! The Lord is on my side & it is only through him that I have strength. I am a woman of God! Hear me ROAR!!

That morning (after I left the house) I danced in the rain instead of shielding my head. I took what it threw at me with a smile on my face. I ended up at the doctor's office yesterday. They took X-rays of both my nose & foot. God is good, God is great, God is wonderful. Neither one of them are broken. Good thing too because it was my right foot & I can't drive if it were in a boot! If the news had come back that my nose or foot had been broken... God would still be good. God would still be great. God would still be wonderful. I just would have a broken nose and foot :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saucy! How to make & freeze bulk spaghetti sauce

So, I've been on this "once a month" cooking spaghetti sauce since September. Last month I followed this recipe. I purchased the ginormous can of tomato sauce at Costco (which was under $3), and organic stewed tomatoes (Italian recipe. They came in a bulk pkg of 8 cans? I only used 4 of the cans). Anyhow, since I'm off the red meat completely, I eliminated that from the recipe this month. Since I was missing meat, I wanted to add more bulk. I used green, red, yellow, and orange peppers along with garlic, onions, brown sugar, and some honey.  I just dumped everything into a large pot, & let it simmer over medium heat until I could taste the flavors in the sauce. I then bagged the sauce in portions of approximately 4 cups (1 quart). How? Well, I'm glad you asked! Observe:

Here's the bag you want to freeze 1 quart of your sauce in (be sure it's a freezer bag):

Here's what you want to use to help you (wide mouth canning jar):

Stay with me! 

You want to put the bag in the jar like so:

Then take the edge and flip it down so that you're covering the lip of the jar
(I'm so thankful for pictures!):

Next, pour your sauce in the jar & fill to the top:

(BTW: How come no one ever told me it's hard to take an action shot with just one hand?!)

Once the jar is full, pull the bag up out of the jar.
Pull slowly because the sauce will rise a little & 
you don't want to squeeze it all out of the bag:

Now you can pour 1 more cup into the bag, but remember you want to leave room in the bag for expanding. Now lay the bags onto a cookie sheet that will fit into your freezer:

Aaaand.... last but not least, put the pan in the freezer. 

Once the sauces are frozen 
you can store them upright to save space! 


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing Monopoly

I was never great at Monopoly. I inevitably ended up broke before everyone else. I was too afraid to expand my property, and I was too busy paying everyone else! It also took me a long time to figure out the concept of the game. Did I mention I was also 10 years old? How come we never got a pay raise when passing go? The cost of living went up & so did the tax, so why not the pay? Kinda sounds like how it is today. Ironic isn't it?

Anyhow, this is what I did with the game that I never fell in love with:

I'm starting to like it more and more. The game pieces are just hot glued onto the frame. This will eventually be hung up on the wall (Me not hanging up something else? Yep, still a problem. See previous post). What do you think?

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Diving into Esther

Ooh! How exciting! I just began my bible study yesterday. I'm studying the book of Esther through the Esther series, "It's tough being a woman" by Beth Moore. Can I just say that I love this woman! I've taken this study before, and I was so moved. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the last 2 weeks when I previously did this study, so I'd like to see what I had missed. I also wanted to see how my answers differed (if my perspective has changed..etc). I can't wait to dig into this study because I know it was great. I can't remember all of it, but I remember having that feeling of being empowered. I was proud to be a woman, and I accepted things about myself more than I used to. If you're a woman, this study is sooooo for you. Especially if you're tired of reading about how all the men did great things in the bible, and you're wondering, "Well, besides Mary & Ruth... what other women had something to bring to the table?!" Esther, Esther, Esther....

I love the beginning & knowing the history behind the story. Seeing that I don't dedicate as much time as I should to read the bible, this is a perfect way to keep me on track. Anyone else have that problem? I don't do things unless I'm accountable! For example, if my hubby is busy & won't be home until later.... the dishes don't get done as quickly, dinner is late or I'll feed the kids oatmeal & apples instead, laundry doesn't get folded, movies are constantly playing on the tv.... oh wait! I just explained my Saturdays - HA! Just kidding. No really... I'm more laid back on my duties as a housewife if I know I can put it off until later. I'm the world's greatest procrastinator, and God is showing me that it's easier to get things done sooner than later. My laundry is a pure example!!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed about balancing time between being a woman after God's own heart (which should always come first), wife (which is the second priority), mother (which is third priority..... if things aren't good between you & your hubby...  it trickles down into parenting your children & how your kids behave), maid, bill payer, teacher, friend, chauffeur, supporter, organizer.. you get the drift. Yes, life is a great balancing act. Men have to figure out how to balance things just as much as we do, although I wish I had the off switch like they do! :) It all comes down to your priorities. If your priority is to be focused on God, he will show you what is important & what is not. Yah, I'm still learning that one! Do you know what your priorities are?

(BTW: I'm sorry.. this is becoming a habit. Why do I feel the need to close my posts with a question?)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love your neighbor as you love yourself...

Isn't this just a picture of serving with pure love?

Could you imagine witnessing this live? It just gives me chills. Although we aren't accustomed to washing other people's feet (and if you ask someone, you may get the "you-have-a-third-eye" look), we can still serve people in other ways. 

Today I was browsing craigslist (which I'm proud to say I haven't done in a while), and some items came up in the free section (my favorite place). So Leonidas, Don Juan, and I went to the house that had the items we were looking for, hoping it was still there. Lucky us, we were the first people to arrive. There was a woman who opened the door and led us inside the house. She had a ton of books, maps, shelves, etc. As I was sifting through my own private heaven of old books, I asked some questions just to make conversation. The woman (as she spoke) seemed heavy hearted. She began to somberly look around, and I realized what had happened. She continued to explain that since the house was foreclosing, the bank emptied out most of the house without notice. She hated to see all of the things that belonged to her mother just taken away to the dump without her permission. She said that she had worked so hard, and paid so much, that he (whoever he was) told her he was going to make the payments, but he didn't. This poor woman unraveled in front of me, and all I could say was, "It's not your fault." Small as those words seemed to me, it appeared to reach her heart. I hugged the woman, and comforted her as she wept on my shoulder. When the doorbell rang, I asked if she wanted me to answer the door. 

The rest of the time I was there I felt awful for this woman. She was just trying to piece herself back together while feeling so lost. After my boys and I had gathered what we had come for, I had asked if we could pray over her. We put our hands on her back as she silently wept. I said that I would post the remaining items on craigslist for her so hopefully others would come and take these items. When the boys and I were outside, Leonidas said, "Mommy, I hope this stuff doesn't go to the dump so the lady will be happy". He just breaks my heart! 

After posting the ad on craigslist I felt a little better. I may not always have the answers, or way to make everything better, but I do know that I can love others through Jesus Christ. I just need to open my eyes and listen when the opportunity presents itself. Are you listening?

All the children who independent! Throw your hands at me!

WOW! At some point in every mother's life there has to be a time when she looks at her kids and thinks, "Are you already able to do that all by yourself?!" Yah, I'm at that point.

My older son (dang I should make a nickname for him.... how about Leonidas ) is 5 years old, and is a strong willed boy. At times he has the most gentle and caring heart ever. He's willing to do anything and everything for his brother, his father, or I. Then, there are those other times when he's more like a "leader". You - know, that fiery 5 year old boy who thinks he's head of the household. It's really fun.

My younger son (our little guy who we will call Don Juan) is an absolute heartthrob! You could have his hair long, medium, short and he will look just as adorable as ever (by the way... we have done all of those hairstyles on both boys. People thought we were insane. My hubby and I thought it was fun). He's 4, but seriously the size of a big 3 yr old. He probably gets his size from me. I'm short & petite. By short I mean like "middle-school-girls-are-taller-than-me" short. Well, actually....  everyone I meet is taller than me.

So my Don Juan is a laid back kid with a pretty much go-with-the-flow kinda attitude, and my Leonidas has a I-need-a-schedule-and-nothing-should-be-out-of-order kinda attitude. Leonidas is very independent, where Don Juan takes his time learning stuff. Don Juan would much rather have Leonidas do things for him, but he will participate when he feels like helping. It's so interesting to see 2 children so close in age (12 month and 5 days apart), but be so different.

The reason I have to point this out is because now Leonidas can get his own bowl, pour his own cereal, and pour his own milk. I gotta say... it's really, really, really nice not having to do everything, but fairly sad at the same time. Look out world! Here they come :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll get you my pretty....

So here's another craft project I've done recently. The actual idea came from Pinterest (that darn addictive website), and the website that featured this idea was Laura Thoughts. Here's her version:

Here's my version:

I wanted to show the detail on the edges a little closer:

Finished product in the bathroom:

I found a metal board at a garage sale for $2. It looked like an artist canvas except metal, but you could also use a cookie sheet. You probably want to to tape a large piece of paper over the entire board and edges because when I tried to glue black paper directly onto the metal, it fell off. So I did cover my board with paper and taped it around to the back so that I could use spray adhesive to glue the pictures onto the paper. I found these pics out of a book that had a bunch of information about old movies. I figure it kinda fits the theme. Movie stars use makeup. I like to make my makeup look movie star-ish. Whatever... I tried.

Anyhow, I laid out my pictures, used spray adhesive to attach them, and then I sponged black acryllic paint around the entire edge of the frame. Then, I applied a coat of Mod Podge over the whole thing. Next, I hot glued small magnets (I found at a local craft store) onto some of the eye shadows (like the MAC, and Maybelline eye shadows), however on some of my eye shadows I didn't have to glue them on. The metal inside the case that holds the shadows was a strong enough for the magnet to attach itself (like the Cover Girl, the Mary Kay, and the Prestige eyeshadows). Sweet!

For my brushes, I found my crock (the ceramic thing holding my makeup brushes) at goodwill for $4! "Hi, I'm Angel , and I'm a goodwill addict." All I did was fill the crock 7/8 with split peas (that we purchased 2 years ago? Yah, so no chance of eating those... Do they even go bad? In any case, they're good for decorating), then I used some glass like rocks (found at walmart) to put on the top of the split peas. I tossed my brushes in handle down, & I was good to go! I also decided to put my eyeliners and eye shadow crayons with the color side up so I could find them easier. Now all I have to do is hang the dang thing up! Yah, just like my previous frame.... still a problem with me :) Hope you like it!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Did you just eat that?!

This post is a reflective post (meaning I'm having one of those oh-that-makes-sense moments), and it is long. It is a bit detailed & contains the word poop, so if you can't handle the heat... get out of the kitchen. I mean, if you have a weak stomach.... don't read this posting.

Sometimes I shudder when I see what other people are willing to eat. Funny thing is that I used be one of those people. I would happily go to McDonalds, Sonic, Wendy's, or any other fast food chain for that matter if given the chance. Sure I still have my food weaknesses (sour cream, cream cheese.. etc), but since I have made the effort to be more aware of what I eat....  it just makes my stomach turn when I see fast food places. Who knows WHERE those ingredients originated from & WHY they get it so cheap... BLECH!

Have you ever really thought about the process?! It kinds grosses me out. I mean, all foods rot of course & I know your body produces enzymes to break down the food to digest it... but think about how long it takes. In Healthy adults (according to: Mayo Clinic) it takes 24-72 hrs from eat to poop. In a different website (at: You Were Wondering....) it states it takes 75-80 hrs for food to be completely expelled from your body!! Now, I know for sure that I was not a "healthy adult". My BM's were 2-3 days apart & it took A LOT of effort just to use the bathroom... (Yep! Sorry if that was too much information, but there really is a point to this... I promise). Now just think of that... the entire time you're still continuing to eat, there are toxins from the food just sitting in your body WAITING to be expelled. No wonder why diseases are at an all time high! WHAT you eat makes a HUGE difference.

Another thing, I used to go crazy couponing (way before that stinkin "Extreme Couponing" show ruined it for all of us moderate couponers). I would get the frozen dinners for free, hot dogs, pasta... you name it! Last year was busy, and for that season of my life it worked. Now, I'm using my couponing skill towards household products only because all of the processed food I was eating just made me feel worse. I wanted to constantly take naps after lunch, I felt sluggish, and I felt just unmotivated to do anything. Granted I live in WA (where it rains 11 months out of the yr), but I don't feel like that's a good enough excuse. I don't drink coffee at all, but I can still wake up & "start my day". Praying for God to open my eyes as to why I was so blah all the time was the first step. He showed me that I selfishly indulged in foods that were not good for me. I mean, seriously... he gave us food out of the ground! For goodness sakes, why - oh why - did we taint our taste buds with spices & grease?!  I'm also not a huge sweets person (except when that time comes around) so I don't stock soda, candy, or ice cream at our house. In fact, my kids would be lucky to see any sweets pass through our house unless it was a special occasion. I did, however, have more processed food than fresh food. By the way, I don't know what it is about being a mom, but I would eat at all kinds of odd hours! Never the same time everyday. My kids would eat on a schedule, but somehow that didn't apply to me. I'm now sticking to a more structured eating habit with less processed food & more fresh food. Genius.. I know...

Note: If you've already figured this out... good for you. I on the other hand was still trying to figure out how to juggle: dishes, laundry, cleaning, raising 2 children, serving my husband, and still "taking care of myself" (which included showers, barely shaving, no hairstyling, no make up, with an out-the-door-kinda-look). Not to mention how to figure out what to feed everyone. Honestly, I think my kids ate better than I did. I would take time to fix them healthy stuff, but then I'd put processed ick into my body. How's that for ironic!

You'll be happy to know that now I drink water like I appreciate it :) I actually eat breakfast (see previous post .... Minus the sugary cereal... We are out of the cinnamon toast crunch. Back to cheerios!),  I have turkey sandwiches for lunch (with broccoli, orange or yellow peppers, and a honey crisp apple), then some chicken dish for dinner (with various sides). I now have 3 regular BM's PER DAY, better sleep, more energy, and more drive for what I do! Took me long enough to figure this out - ya think?! Oh yah.. I think 5 years is long enough to feel - blah. How long is it going to take you?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Show me what'cha got!

Whew! I don't know what's up with my email, but I finally did what I needed to do. I love technology, but only when it works :) I was trying to email myself pictures from my phone so I could post the cool things I've done, and well let's just say it wasn't working yesterday. So if I emailed you these pictures by accident, you're just going to have to live with them... or delete them. Your choice.

So on to the good stuff. I've done a project that I'd like to share. I'm an undercover hoarder who loves going to garage sales & envisioning what I can do with all the junk people are getting rid of. Garage sales are my kryptonite. I see a sign that says garage sale, & something involuntary happens. My foot immediately slams presses on the brakes, and my arms flail wildly until I make the turn following the arrow in whatever direction it's pointing. What's kind of funny is that I'll drive by just to get a glimpse of what these strangers are offering (which I can't stand when people do that when I'm holding a garage sale, but I don't think twice when I do it to others lol). When I have my boys with me (and that's practically all the time) I try to limit myself on how many times I get out of the car. I live in the best place (for my decor theme) because there are garage sales at barns with all kinds of old things people can not wait to get rid of. Thanks if you've ever sold or given me anything!

ANYHOW, I found this absolutely revolting colored frame with the most intricate detail ever. Here's the back (because I began painting it, then realized I didn't take a before picture... yah, that's a common problem with me):

Doesn't that color make you want to gag?! The front was worse! Well I've spared you this sight for sore eyes, and spray painted it white. After that I turned to my trusty antiquing glaze (which is my 4th best friend... hey, I've got a lot of love to give), and gave the frame some more depth. Here's a picture of the frame after the white spray paint, and in the process of antiquing:

Can you tell I painted something red just before antiquing this project? So all you do with antiquing glaze is brush it on & wipe it off with a damp rag. You don't want the rag soaking wet, or it'll take off most of the glaze you just put on. This is my favorite way to distress/add depth to any detailed project. I'll be painting a chair aqua, then I'll use my antiquing glaze on the detailed part, so keep your eyes peeled (with a vegetable peeler... Actually, don't do that. It will hurt... and I'll get sued). SO are you're wondering what it looks like finished? Well that's great!

Uh, wondering won't get you anywhere. You have to ask :) Okay, okay. Here is the finished frame:

Yes, it's laying on my carpet because my walls are not painted, and I haven't figured out where to hang it. What can I say? I'm a little bit behind on my decorating. You'll be glad to know that I am considering color schemes for my house. Baby steps.... baby steps.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love & Hate

Anyone have a love & hate relationship with their computer? I should say more love/hate towards the internet. I love the fact that I have an endless amount of information at my fingertips. I love that I don't have to use any money to develop pictures, get an envelope, and pay for stamps so that my family can enjoy the pictures that I take. I love that I can look up recipes with just the ingredients that I have in my pantry, & the wonderful internet will drum up something that I can make for dinner  (thank you I love the insane ideas I get to repurpose items in my house. I love all the free advice on sewing & crafting... I could go on & on, but I'll stop right there. Now, I don't allow my kids to use the word hate because that's just too strong of an emotion to express at a young age... Heck, I don't even like saying hate... but let me tell you I really do hate how time consuming it can get!!! I'm finding myself addicted to searching for crafts, checking my emails, checking craigslist, looking for good recipes... ugh! I know... fine time to start a blog right?! Whoever thought of the iPhone was a evil genius too! I don't think I use my phone to make very many phone calls. Most of it is txt msgs, emails, or using safari to search the internet. How did I get sucked into this vortex of instant gratification? I can only thank the flesh and sinful side of me to allow such a dependency. I am going to start limiting myself & my time on the internet. I do this with my kids & how much TV or video games they're allowed to play. Why? When they continually play video games or watch TV, they are less likely to engage in conversation, or even listen to me. They get so engulfed with visual stimulation that when it's time to sit down and be quiet it's almost impossible for them to do so. Same with me. I lay down for bed, and instead of allowing my mind to clear itself enough to fall asleep I grab my phone & pass the time on pinterest (which is highly addicting). Next thing I know a hour has passed by & I'm still not asleep!! So today it stops. Most of my posts will be in the afternoon time (during my boys nap). That way I can think, have time to relax, and write about what's on my mind. I still curse the internet, but love it at the same time. I just need to ween myself off the addiction :) Anyone else with me?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The ants go marching one by one

You know what's really funny? Ants don't really march one by one... Can you tell I'm bored? I'm at Costco & I'm watching people who showed up before 10am (opening time for Costco), and I'm wondering to myself.... Why the heck are people getting out of their car to line up outside like it's Black Friday?! Do you really need to be the first one in the store? I mean really. What if someone is a faster walker & they get out of the store before you? Did you save that much time? I find our way of competing daily interesting, don't you? Like when you're on the freeway & someone is next to you.... Do you find yourself pressing on the gas so that they don't pass you? No? Just me huh? Well next time I see you on the freeway.... I'll let you pass :)

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs, & Bakey!

Anyone else forget to eat breakfast? I'm one of those people who like to sleep all the way through until my alarm scares me out of bed. What can I say? I love the smell of sheets & the warmth under the covers in the AM. The minuet I stick a toe out of the covers & feel that freezing cold WA air, I retreat to the safety of my bed. Then I realize that my morning schedule will really be chaotic if I don't absolutely get out of bed.

I usually forget to eat breakfast. I did make 60 breakfast burritos at the beginning of September as a once a month recipe (let me tell you it's awesome), however for some reason I still can't remember to eat them in the morning. I probably should change that "breakfast burrito" title to: "I'm-going-to-pass-out-if-I-don't-eat-something-right-now burrito". That's kinda catchy huh?

Seriously, how many times am I going to get off track?! Okay, so the reason why I began talking was how I forget to eat breakfast (like I need to say this 3 times) is because I have officially eaten breakfast today! Costco had a coupon for Cinnamon Toast Crunch (dangerous waters). I haven't had that stuff in forever!! Just looking at that in the store made my mouth water. So this morning I woke up with the boys & poured the Cinnamon Toast Crunch into their bowl. I snagged one (of course that's an involuntary move on my part... I see food... I taste it), and I was hooked. This is coming from the wanna-be-healthy household. We have bought Honey Nut Cheerios (had a blank mind on how to spell Cheerios because of spell check..) for the last 4 years or so & I can't remember when the last time I "indulged" on buying any other kind of cereal. I know boring right?

Well long story short. I ate breakfast. Hooray me! I guess I could have just said that in the beginning instead of making this long drawn out story..... but it wouldn't have been much fun! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Now what do I do?

So congrats to me for finally starting a blog. Not that I have anything interesting to say... yet. This is just my way of "breaking the ice". You can expect my blog to be full of my thoughts, crafts, silly stories (thanks to my adventurous boys), or anything I feel like putting my 2 cents in. Well actually, I have $1's worth to add, but that might blow your mind away :) By the way, this is my disclaimer:

I take no responsibility for other people's BRAVE decision to follow my advice in making any crafts I post on this blog. If you get hurt... don't say I didn't warn you! It is not my bad!

I don't always word things perfectly. My grammar, or punctuation may be unorthodox & I blame that on my younger years when I was not paying attention in High School (or maybe even Junior High? Elementary? Whatever!!) - See?? Can you put a question mark and exclamation mark in parenthesis, then immediately whip out a dash without closing the previous sentence? In my blog - I CAN! I also use an absurd amount of periods.... I mean that pause after a sentence when I have to think to myself... and then follow that up with some snarky comment. Well, at least you don't have to worry about spelling. That is unless spell check happens to completely ignore what I meant to say... that thing should be able to read my mind, don't you think?

On another note: I have given in on making this blog more for my sanity because my conversations are mostly about sharing toys, how not to interrupt an adult when they're having a conversation with another adult, and breaking up arguments between 2 little men who swear they are right. This is my "Mommy Time". So for now that's all I have to say. Maybe I'll come up with something more interesting to share later (like that one time my boys decided to pour the milk in their cereal all by themselves.... where was I you ask? In the shower - of course. The most opportune times to make mom freak out is when her eyes are closed to rinse the cleanser off of her face!).